Connecting the world through interactive & audio visual technology

HNR Technology Holdings (PTY) LTD

By choosing us, you are entitled to & ensured of professional, premium branded & cutting edge solutions, products & services in the audio visual sector. Friendly, effective & efficient services, as well as cost effective & tailormade offerings.  

Our ongoing commitment lies in connecting, developing & providing interaction amongst people globaly by means of technology, irrespective of their race, age, gender or affiliations...


Established in 2001, HNR Technology Holdings (PTY) LTD evolved within this diverse industry of technology from its humble beginnings as IT software, hardware & security providers, to gaining vast masses of knowledge & experience in the industry, which then in 2006, urged their focus & direction toward offering products, service & support to the development & growth of individuals from all walks of life through the medium of technology & audio visual media platforms. This indeed set the benchmark for their competitors, as not only does HNR Technology Holdings (PTY) LTD hold unmatched sets of skills & abilities to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction, but also the passion to build & aid in the development of mankind, for "Knowledge is Power". HNR Technology Holdings (PTY) LTD services the corporate sector, as well as the private & governmental education & learning institutions throughout Southern Africa.

Our Vision is the framework of our Mission

To supply all clients with the opportunity of perpetual advancement, growth & development, that is stimulated through  learning, teaching & interaction of youth & corporates alike from a world wide platform, powered by smart, simple, reliable & ground breaking Technology & Audio Visual equipment that bears minimal risk & endless positive possibilities for the future.

To ensure that clients are made aware of new developments of these products & provide support & information at all times. thus growing relations beyond merely business only, so that they may be inspired to innovate & create bigger & better ideas. Knowing that at  Technology Holdings (PTY) LTD, they are met with honesty, reliability, transparent business practises & exceptionally efficient & friendly sales, support & maintenance.

"The people we are today & the choices we make determine who our children will be tomorrow..."