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The SMART Product Range

SMART products have revolutionized the way people learn, connect and collaborate. Innovative and easy to use, our products make classrooms, meeting rooms and workspaces interactive and collaborative.

With SMART products, you’ll benefit from our 20-plus years of designing, implementing and supporting interactive technology – experience we build into every product. We also provide comprehensive customer support, working with you at every step to ensure you get the best results from your SMART products.

The SMART Overlay                                                                                                                                       Transform your flat-panel display into an interactive touch screen with the SMART Board® interactive display overlay.

Teaching, Learning, Video Conferencing & Social Interaction                                          Streamlined, compact & fully installed with the latest technology to ensure you experience a range of facilities in a fully equiped area using the latest & top of the line products                              

Audio Equipment                                                                                        Offering the highest quality output & sound, ensuring voice & sound quality of note, ensuring sensational auditory experiences at all times

Projectors & Security Casings                                                                                                                                                            

Audio Visual Equipment                                                                                                                                     Wide selection of audio visual equipment available that can be used for all your learning, social & business requirements

Cabling & Adaptors                                                                                                                                                                <